Breast Lift

Second only to a woman’s arch-enemy ‘time’ is ‘gravity’. Let’s face it, the breasts are where we see gravity take it’s toll the most.

Pregnancy, nursing, and the effects of age can also cause breasts to lose volume, sag, and change shape. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr. Doyle uses the Breast Lift (mastopexy) to lift and reshape sagging breasts to make them firmer and improve their shape.

The Breast Lift is a procedure for women with breasts of any size. This procedure is considered medical in some circumstances and subject to Medicare rebates. There are certain criteria that needs to be met including significant droop experienced after childbirth with a child between the ages of 1 and 7 years of age.

The breast lift is often combined with other procedures, for example; many women with large breasts opt to have a breast reduction at the same time. If you have small, sagging breasts that have lost volume over the years, a breast lift with implants will enhance the size and firmness of your breasts, lifting them to a higher position. 

The breast lift procedure begins with a circular incision made around the areola (the dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple) and a vertical scar down to the breast crease. This is sometimes referred to as a "lollipop" incision. No horizontal scars are used in this procedure by Dr. Doyle to minimise scarring.

Excess skin and tissue are trimmed away and the breasts are tightened and lifted around the newly contoured breast. The nipples will be repositioned to create the most natural-looking results. 

A breast lift is considered a safe, effective procedure. The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours to complete under general anaesthetic and is usually a day stay in hospital.  Most women are able to return to work within 2 to 3 weeks.  Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks.

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