Women and men of all ages are considering a facelift to achieve a younger appearance. Looking at Dr Doyle's before & after pictures you will realise that there is no need to worry about that forced pulled back "plastic" look any longer. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, our facelift patients often tell us that their family and friends say they look like they are refreshed, revived and been on a great holiday!

A facelift restores the contour of your face & neck to produce a more pleasing, youthful appearance. Dependant on the person's needs, this can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead/ brow lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

To perform a facelift, incisions are made along the hairline, by the ear, and along the earlobe. The excess skin is then divided and lifted to allow the underlying tissues to be tightened. All remaining skin can then be tightened, and secured with sutures producing a smoother younger appearance. This is the only way to achieve this after we age. Skin elasticity changes, fatty tissue decreases in volume and density causing the face to sag & hang loosely. Skin folds become more prominent under the chin, upper neck & corners of the mouth due to gravity and changes in bony facial structure & muscle action. Dr Doyle can help you turn back the clock.

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