Facial Implants

Cheek implants and/or a chin implant can give you higher cheekbones or a more prominent chin to balance your facial features. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery we find that our clients express many varied reasons for requesting this option. Reasons can range from correcting an imbalance in their features to produce more definition in the face or just to create a more youthful appearance. Whatever your reasons, Dr. Doyle uses a variety of materials which will enhance your jaw line, chin, or cheekbones. The size and shape of your implants are customised to match the outcome you want with the results being subtle but very effective.

Facial implants are placed through inconspicuous incisions typically inside the mouth, around the hairline, eyelid or under the jaw line. Placements of the implants in these areas helps minimise scarring and you can expect healing to take an average of 2 weeks.

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