Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) What is the difference between at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon?
    A) A surgeon is someone who is qualified to perform invasive surgical procedures. They have studied specialist surgery for a minimum of five years and have at least twelve years of total medical and surgical education. Surgeons are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) or equivalent, and have undergone intensive training to perform invasive surgical procedures. A FRACS (Plast) member has studied and trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for a minimum of five years after medical school.

    Doctors with only a MBBS (bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) degree are not surgeons. They are not trained for invasive surgical procedures. However in Australia surgically unqualified doctors are also allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. To ensure your surgeon is fully qualified and has extensive surgical training, patients should make sure their surgeon is a FRACS.
  2. Q) What are Dr Doyles professional qualifications?
    A) Dr Doyle is an internationally renowned, fully qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (F.R.A.C.S, F.R.C.S, M.B.B.S) specialising in cosmetic surgery with over 26 years experience in all areas. He is a member of multiple societies which include the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.  Dr Doyle regularly attends international meetings and workshops in Australia, America and Europe to keep updated on the latest surgical techniques and innovations. 
  3. Q) How much does it cost to see Dr Doyle?
    A) A consultation with Dr Doyle is $185.  If you have a referral from your GP you will be able to claim $70 back from Medicare.  During this consultation you will be given comprehensive information regarding the procedure you are interested in and a quote for the surgical fees.  This consultation will last about 1 hour (20mins with Dr Doyle and 40 mins with a registered nurse) and your medical history will be reviewed and assessed.  You may also have some photographs taken.
  4. Q) How long after my initial consultation could I have my surgery?
    A) All patients need a minimum of 10 days following the initial consultation and consent process before they can book a procedure.  We don't want to rush our patients into a procedure, preferring to allow them to book in when they are confident and at the best time for them.  We understand our clients have time schedules and we try and fit in as best we can.
  5. Q) How will I know if my health fund will cover the cost of my surgery?
    If you have your fund details with you on the day of your initial consultation we can work out if you will be covered.  Although you may think that some procedures are purely cosmetic there is quite often a medicare item number which if applicable would entitle you to a rebate.  Some procedures are covered by health funds - the rules are always changing and it is best to speak with our staff to see if your procedure is covered by your health fund.
  6. Q) When will I get my final invoice so that I am able to make a claim?
    Within one week from the date of your surgery.
  7. Q) Do you offer any payment plans or provide finance?
  8. Q) What is the admission process once I've decided to go ahead with surgery?
  9. A) When you have made the decision to go ahead with a surgical procedure with Dr Doyle and you have received your quote, the next step is to choose a date & fill in admission forms for hospital.  This can be done online by completing their online admission form or there is paperwork that can be filled out at reception.  Once this has been done, the hospital can get your chart ready and know when to expect you.  Photos are taken pre-operatively in our rooms & consent forms are signed.  A 10% payment of Dr Doyle's fee is required at time of booking a theatre day (to hold your position) with full payment for Dr Doyle required 2 weeks prior to surgery day.  Anaesthetic and hospital fees are to be paid one week prior to surgery.
  10. Q) How long will I be in hospital?
    Most procedures can be performed as day surgery so there is no need for an overnight hospital stay
  11. Q) How much does it cost to see Dr Doyle after my surgery for review?
    There is no fee for review consultations as long as your GP referral is still current.
  12. Q) What type of breast implants does Dr Doyle use?
    A) There is a range of implants that we can use here at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery.  Often in consultation it will be discussed and agreed upon as to the best implant for the look that you are after. 
  13. Q) How long after surgery can I resume my usual exercise regime?
    This is very dependant on the type of surgery you are having.  Please look in your specific procedure type for this information.
  14. Q) Do you offer Skype consultations?
    Yes we are able to do Skype consultations.  Call our office for more information on this.