Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

Posted on 11 May, 2016

‪#‎Breast‬ Reduction‪#‎Mammoplasty‬ with Dr Doyle 

While during our pre-teen years we all may have longed for large ‪#‎breasts‬, the reality for many women is altogether a different story. Clients at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery say that they feel their large, heavy breasts make them look over-weight, prevent clothes from fitting properly, cause back, shoulder, and neck pain as well as poor posture. 

Matter of Convenience -

Heavy breasts have never been compatible with trying physical activities. This is one of the main reasons why a number of aspiring and professional athletes choose to undergo the surgery to bring the size of their bosom to a manageable proportion. Reduced breast size supports fast paced training activities, running, jumping rope etc. On top of that, when large breasts prevent you from participating in sports or other physical activities, the effect on your physical fitness and overall quality of life can be significant.

‪#‎Breastreduction‬ surgery not only reduces the size of the breasts, it lifts and reshapes sagging breasts. It often improves posture and may relieve back, shoulder and neck pain. If your breasts are different sizes, breast reduction surgery can be used to create symmetry. Breast reduction ‪#‎surgery‬ attracts ‪#‎Medicare‬ & Health Insurance rebates. Many women prefer a day stay in hospital but can be overnight if you wish.

In breast reduction surgery, excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts is removed to make them smaller, lighter, and firmer. The areola is usually made smaller to match the smaller overall size of the breasts.

There are no horizontal scars used in this procedure as ‪#‎DrDoyle‬ uses a “lollipop” technique for quicker healing and recovery time with minimal scarring. Most women can return to work within 2 to 3 weeks but should avoid strenuous activities and exercise for 6 weeks.

The matter of Health -

Very ‪#‎heavybreasts‬ can impact the overall health of the backbone. There are infinite women who have complained about chronic back aches caused because of increased weight carried in the bosom. This can interfere with the everyday functioning of the individual whether at home or in office.

‪#‎Reduction‬ #Mammoplasty can offer a lasting relief from these nagging issues.

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Remove and Replace or Goodbye Implants

Posted on 27 Apr, 2016

Remove and Replace or Goodbye Implants (also known as Explant Surgery)

The big decision was made to have Breast Augmentation/Implants.  However, since breast implants consist of insertion of prosthesis into the mammary gland, they are not made to last a lifetime.

No matter what type of implants you have, saline or silicone, there is still a risk for leakage, or even rupture.  However, with improvements to surgical techniques and implants, the rate of problems caused by capsules has declined.

There are several reasons you may want your Breast Implants removed.  The age of the implants, there may be an issue with the implant, you may want larger or smaller breast or you simply have chosen that you no longer want to have breast implants.  There is no wrong reason.  It is a personal decision.

Women may also be responding to a new cultural norm. Being super fit is now considered the epitome of beauty, just as being waifish or having a pear shape once was.

Many women are concerned that their natural breasts will look unattractive and deflated if they don’t replace their implants, yet at the same time, they don’t really want implants anymore.   Again, this is a personal choice and something that Dr Doyle will discuss with you in a consultation.

This procedure will take approximately 1 hour under general anaesthetic and post operative pain is minimal.  As is the case with breast augmentation surgery patients may return to work within 2 to 3 weeks. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks.

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Posted on 25 Apr, 2016

Significant Facts to Know About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure generally performed to reconstruct or improve the nose shape. During this surgical procedure, the nasal bones and cartilages are modified; additional tissue is inserted with the purpose of enhancing the visual appeal of the nose. 

This procedure is typically done to correct or change the nose structural flaws, its can be performed for multiple reasons like eradicating visual bump from the nasal bridge, droopy or enlarged nasal tip and resize the nose. 

An extensive discussion on the patient's desire, anticipated outcomes and surgical limitations must be done into the pre-surgical phase. 

It is also performed for repairing nasal fractures with the purpose of regaining back the pre-injury look of the nose. 

Discuss Thoroughly to Eradicate Doubts :

Surgeons and patients must establish constant interaction to clear the doubts and unachievable desires, patients must acknowledge the pros and cons plus the possible side effects. 

Sometimes the patient wants to modify their natural appearance to such a point that's completely impractical. Your desire may not have any limit but technology has, it's not a fairytale that you can achieve whatever you want; you must understand the limitations. 

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Facelift by Dr. Mark Doyle

Posted on 25 Apr, 2016


Facelift with Dr Doyle 

Women and men of all ages are considering a facelift to achieve a younger appearance. There is no need to worry about that forced pulled back "plastic" look any longer. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, our facelift patients often tell us that their family and friends say they look like they are refreshed, revived and been on a great holiday!

A facelift restores the contour of your face & neck to produce a more pleasing, youthful appearance. Dependant on the person's needs, this can be done alone, or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead/ brow lift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

To perform a facelift, incisions are made along the hairline, by the ear, and along the earlobe. The excess skin is then divided and lifted to allow the underlying tissues to be tightened. All remaining skin can then be tightened, and secured with sutures producing a smoother younger appearance. This is the only way to achieve this after we age. Skin elasticity changes, fatty tissue decreases in volume and density causing the face to sag & hang loosely. Skin folds become more prominent under the chin, upper neck & corners of the mouth due to gravity and changes in bony facial structure & muscle action. Dr Doyle can help you turn back the clock.

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Arm Wedge Excision (Brachioplasty)

Posted on 24 Apr, 2016

Arm Wedge Excision (Brachioplasty)

When we age or lose significant weight, the skin on the upper arm can lose elasticity & tend to sag. This look also known as “tuckshop arms” can be an area that women are unable to improve with exercise. A brachioplasty or ‘arm lift’ allows Dr Doyle to reshape and remove excess skin and fat from the armpit to the elbow.

This surgical procedure is done under general anaesthetic and is done by making an incision on the inner surface of the upper arm. Excess skin & tissue is removed and underlying muscles are tightened with sutures creating a smoother more defined shape of the upper arm. Often done as a day procedure but can be overnight if you wish.

There is an item number for this procedure so medicare & health insurance rebates may apply. If you are after a more toned and balanced appearance to your arms, Brachioplasty may be the right procedure for you. Contact us for more information.


'Man Boobs or Moobs'

Posted on 15 Mar, 2016

'Man Boobs or Moobs'

Call them whatever you wish, but this procedure is becoming more regular as patients realise and understand they are not alone.  More and more males are deciding on a Male Breast Reduction to assist with the many issues caused by having excess breast tissue.  Just a few of the reported concerns such as depression, anxiety, self confidence (lack of), embarassment, relationship and sexual problems have all been deciding factors in whether to have a Male Breast Reduction.  Whatever the reason is, Dr Doyle is here to make you feel very comfortable with the process.

Increasingly becoming a regular procedure for Dr Doyle, each and every patient has a different reason for why they want this procedure (Male Breast Reduction) performed and there is no wrong reason.

Excess breast tissue in men is called gynaecomastia and can be caused by a multitude of factors. It is a very sensitive issue that affects the lives of many and can be easily removed by either excision or liposuction.

Often performed as a day stay procedure, Dr Doyle will make an excision around the lower half of the nipple and removes the excess breast tissue that is causing the problem.

Liposuction of the area can be used, depending on the clients needs, to achieve optimal results.

A singlet style compression garment will need to be worn for 6 weeks post-operatively. We recommend 1-2 weeks off work, resuming normal activities after 2-3 weeks and more vigorous exercise after 6 weeks.

This procedure helps restore the self- confidence of men & results are life changing.

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Boob Job aka Masto Imp

Posted on 09 Mar, 2016

There are a great many joys and triumphs that come with life as we grow older. Joys such as seeing our children flourish into productive young adults, and triumphs such as establishing strong footholds in ours careers and generally becoming wiser about the ways of the world.

By a certain age, you’re at the top of your game, ready to take on any challenge. But your body isn’t always as cooperative. As we age, we inevitably face changes in the body’s appearance. For many female patients, their breasts are a common area of concern, particularly after pregnancy. Breast laxity can be caused by a number of factors, including weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or nursing. The medical term for this condition is ptosis, and there are different grades of ptosis from mild to moderate to severe.

The good news? A breast lift will help restore your breasts to a more natural and youthful shape and location. The breast lift procedure is also called mastopexy, and it can be performed with or without the inclusion of implants. So, which procedure is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at both instances.

When patients have a generous amount of ptotic breast tissue, they usually seek to have it elevated back to a normal position. In these cases, we’ll generally perform mastopexy without implants. Once some skin is removed, the breasts will become smaller, resulting in a more natural, youthful look.

In cases where the patient has ptosis, but has very little breast tissue, we will perform the mastopexy/lift in order to elevate the breast tissue and we’ll use implants to add shape, projection and volume to the breasts. We often see this with women who have nursed their children, and in those who have lost a significant amount of weight at some point. It’s also common in women who have always had a smaller breast volume.

In the end, it’s your choice whether you have a breast lift with implants or without them. We’re here to guide you through the procedure that’s best for you. You may be a good candidate for a breast lift if your breasts are ptotic, if you are at a stable weight, are a healthy non-smoker and are bothered by the position, loss of shape and/or volume in your breasts.

If you are considering this procedure, please contact our clinic on 0755 980988 and make an appointment to come in and discuss your individual needs with Dr Doyle.


Visia Complexion Analysis

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

We are proud to introduce Visia, a computerised complexion analysis tool. This high definition camera and associated software provides clinical measurements of surface and subsurface facial skin conditions.

This state of the art system measures skin features that previously could only be evaluated subjectively. The technology takes the guesswork out of skin analysis and clients have photographic proof of their skin analysis to take home.

The clients are now able to compare their photos over a period of time to see improvement in their skin with the treatments offered at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery.

The Visia complexion analysis system is a self-contained unit that captures multi-spectral photos of the face examining UV spots that are characteristic of photo damage, typically from overexposure to sun.

The photographic system also grades an individual’s skin features while grading their complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, texture and porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in the skin).

The system allows us to evaluate and record the condition of a patients skin before treatment commences. A treatment programme is then designed specifically for each patient to achieve the best possible results.

The results are documented by the Visia system regularly to allow us to keep a track of the effects of the treatment.

This allows us to scientifically follow a patient’s progress and fine-tune their treatment to achieve the best possible result for them.

As an introductory offer this assessment is being provided complimentary to our patients.

Mental Preparation for Surgery - My Top Tips

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

Mental Preparation for Surgery - My Top Tips

Dr. Mark Doyle

I can’t stress enough how important it is to me that all my patients go into surgery comfortable, knowledgeable and confident that they are in safe hands.

Surgery of any kind can be a frightening thing, especially when you are dealing with a person’s appearance, which is intrinsically linked to their self-esteem and confidence.

A significant part of what we do at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is to ensure that patents know exactly what to expect with their particular surgery. Here are my top 5 tips.

1) Get The Facts.

Discover what to expect during and after the cosmetic procedure. Ask questions and don’t be shy! A good surgeon will give you all the facts, we can show you photographs of what to expect immediately after the surgery; a few days later and a few weeks later so you know exactly what to expect.

2) Express any Concerns.

Talk to your surgeon about anything that is concerning you even if you feel it is irrational or silly! We would much rather talk your concerns through with you than have you hold back and cause yourself stress and anxiety. Prepare a list of questions before you go into your consultation. You will then be much more at ease mentally as you prepare for your upcoming surgery.

3) Ensure You’re in Safe Hands!

Hire a qualified, well-established surgeon with an excellent reputation. Ask to see examples of their work. It sounds like very basic advice but with the emergence of Plastic Surgery Tourism you can never be too careful. When you feel confident in your physician it alleviates your stress over the surgery.

4) Look After Yourself Before and After Surgery

Make sure that you are in your optimal health before your surgery. By that I don’t mean that you have to be running marathons the day before your surgery! Just ensure that your nutrition and exercise levels are right and that you have generally been taking good care of yourself.

Depending on the type of surgery ensure you have someone to take you home and if necessary take care of you for the few days following. Choose someone close to you who you can talk to openly.

Prepare healthy meals you can freeze for the days following your surgery. Have ice packs, healthy snacks and your favourite movies on hand too!

5) Enjoy the End Results

Enjoy your new look and step out into this new chapter of your life with a renewed and greater confidence!

For more information contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery on: 07 5598 0988

Are you a good candidate for Liposuction?

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

Dr. Mark Doyle

Liposuction can be of great benefit for most people who have fatty deposits in areas of their bodies that have not responded well to dieting and exercise.

To be a good candidate for liposuction, you must have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for you. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your goals for your treatment and discuss them with your surgeon during your consultation. In that way he or she can give you honest feedback about what liposuction can and cannot do for you.

Liposuction is an option to remove bulges that won’t budge and to improve your body’s shape. The areas most commonly treated include the hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and face. Liposuction does not remove cellulite, only fat.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

A good candidate for liposuction should have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure as well as these basic qualities:

  • Average or only slightly above-average weight
  • Firm, elastic skin
  • In good overall health
  • Concentrated pockets of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise

Older patients may have diminished skin elasticity and may not achieve the same results as a younger patient with tighter skin.

Liposuction carries greater risk for individuals with medical problems such as diabetes, significant heart or lung disease, poor blood circulation, or in those who have recently had surgery near the area to be contoured.  It is important to remember that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity.  Ideal patients are committed to healthier habits and do not consider liposuction to be a substitute for exercising.


The best way to know if you are a good candidate for liposuction is to schedule a consultation at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery. Call us today on: 07 5598 0988

Will Any Old Surgeon Do?

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

Will Any Old Surgeon Do?

Dr. Mark Doyle

In the years I have practiced I have met many people who have spent more time choosing a pair of shoes than they have on the surgeon who will operate on their face or body. This concerns me greatly as the choice of surgeon is unquestionably the most important decision you will make in this process.

Technological advances combined with a multi-billion dollar market have brought with them a flood of new treatments promising faster results with less pain and recovery time. However, many have not been scientifically proven effective. With so much competition for your cosmetic dollars how do you ensure you make the right choice?

Price should not be a deciding factor in choosing a surgeon, please do be suspicious of special offers. Most plastic surgeons charge a similar amount. Beware of discounts and special offers, you could end up spending a great deal more money fixing up the mistakes of an unqualified surgeon further down the track.

During your consultation the surgeon should patiently answer all your questions and give you advice on what procedure they recommend for you. They should not pressure you into a decision and most surgeons prefer you to leave and think about everything you have discussed.

Ask to see before and after photos of the surgeons work, but don’t make your decision exclusively on whether a surgeon has good photos as obviously they are only going to show their best results!

Here is a summary of what I believe are critical factors in choosing a plastic surgeon:

Experience matters – Check the number of years in practice, number of cases done and track the surgeon’s results
Artistic talent – Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery requires the skill of a surgeon, but the eye of an artist. So seek recommendations from past patients
Before & After Photos – Ask to see before and after photos of patients of the physician
Meet with the surgeon ahead of time – This is the time to discuss your goals and find out how the surgeon hopes to achieve them. A good doctor will reassure you when you’re making good choices and discourage you if you’re not.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Doyle call today on: 5598 0988

PIP implants- the latest news...

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

As you may be aware, there has recently been some cause for concern regarding breast implants manufactured and distributed by PIP & ROFIL Medical Netherlands BV.  These implants were available in Australia between 1998 and 2010. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery we used these PIP brand of implants from 2007 – 2010.  Not all of our patients that received a breast augmentation in this time frame have these types of implants. This was determined on an individual basis in consultation.  We have tried to contact the patients involved via post.  Unfortunately, if address details have not been updated, people may have been missed.  Please feel free to contact our rooms if you had a breast augmentation with us in this time frame and are worried about the type of implants that you have.

These implants were recalled in 2010 following concerns by the French medical device regulatory authority (AFSSAPS) that there may be an increased incidence of rupture and concerns that they contained unapproved ingredients.

In December 2010, there was also media speculation and reports of a correlation between a rare tumour – Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL).  It is important to note that the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), which is governed by the Australian Government – Department of Health & Ageing, has received no reports of this in Australian patients who have received PIP implants.

 There are several websites that can provide you with true and accurate information regarding PIP implants.  Please see below:

Therapeutic Goods Administration –

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery –

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in UK –

The Australian Government has set up a free-call help line for individuals concerned about breast implants. The telephone number is 1800 217 257 and can be called 24 hours per day.

The TGA’s advice to individuals with PIP silicone gel implants continues to be that, based on current rates of reporting of implant rupture to the TGA, there is no evidence of an increased rupture rate for PIP breast implants used in Australia.

There have been conflicting reports and recommendations with regard to the necessity of removing and replacing these implants.  We understand that this is a decision that only you should make when clearly informed and we would like to ensure that we keep you up to date with the latest updates as they come to hand.  

The Australian Government’s advice as at 24th February 2012 remains that removal of PIP breast implants in the absence of evidence of rupture is not routinely required. The TGA’s preliminary tests show no intra-dermal irritation in PIP implants.

On Sunday evening 11th March 2012, two shows aired regarding PIP implants – Sunday night (Channel 7) and 60 Minutes (Channel 9) both addressed the issues of PIP implants. Links to both the programs are available below.

Ultrasound and MRI are the most common investigations used to determine if the implants have ruptured. MRI is a more accurate investigation but until 11th March was a much more costly. As a result of the problems surrounding PIP implants MRI’s are now available with a Medicare rebate.

Ruptures are reported as being intracapsular or extracapsular.  • intra capsular: the gel is confined within the fibrous capsule around the implant • or extra capsular: the gel has extended into the breast or other localised tissues.

Extracapsular is more significant than intracapsular.

The TGA made the following comment on their website on the 23rd March 2012.

“To date, the results of the tests conducted by TGA on both new and surgically removed (explanted) PIP breast implants have met all the international standards that apply to other breast implants and which the manufacturer of PIP breast implants should have conducted to seek proper approval of these devices in the first place.”

TGA website  -

Sunday Night

60 Minutes

My recommendation is that all patients with PIP implants should have medical imaging to determine whether the implants are intact, or have ruptured.  Please contact the office and we can organise an ultrasound or MRI for you.

If you would like your implants removed or exchanged, we have discounted the cost of implants, Dr Doyle’s consultation and surgery fees along with reduced costs for anaesthesia.  Please contact our office on (07) 5598 0988 if you would like more information or if you would like to book an appointment.


27/2/2013 - It has now been announced that the subsidised MRI scans for PIP implant patients ceases on 11th March 2013. If you have any enquiries about this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 55980988.

Laugh Yourself Skinny!

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

Dr. Mark Doyle


I am very excited that Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is now the first practice in Australia to offer “TICKLE LIPO” – a Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture.

Most people have an area of their body they would like to ‘zap’ away but are put off by the thought of recovery time and process, going under general anaesthetic and the cost. TICKLE LIPO changes all that!

TICKLE LIPO can be done under local anaesthetic in our rooms so no hospital and anaesthetic expenses. The vibration of the instrument used in the surgery often causes patients to giggle, hence the name TICKLE LIPO. The recovery time is greatly reduced and you walk in and walk out of our practice on the same day. 

The best news of all is how cost effective TICKLE LIPO is in comparison to traditional liposuction because you are not paying in-hospital and anaesthetic expenses.   This is a wonderful advantage that I know our patients will appreciate.

Many leading plastic surgeons internationally are endorsing TICKLE LIPO as both revolutionary and the most innovative recent advancement in plastic surgery techniques as it allows them to deliver excellent clinical results safely and comfortably to their patients.  Using this technique myself over the past few months, I agree that this is by far the most safe, effective and least painful form of liposuction.  This is why I decided that my patients needed to have it readily available to them. 

How does it work? 

The vibration and the movement of the cannula with TICKLE LIPO acts as a pain blocker while it enables me to glide through fatty tissue. The cannula is able to manoeuvre through fibrous or tougher areas for better body sculpting which also means less surgery time and less bruising and recovery time.

The Procedure

TICKLE LIPO is a minimally invasive procedure that takes 15 minutes – 1.5 hours depending on the area. Through tiny incisions, numbing tumescent fluid is infused using a vibrating cannula. Once numb, I will use a vibrating suction cannula specially designed for the area of your body being worked on, for body sculpting and fat removal.

Patient Benefits

  • No general anesthesia
  • Little or no discomfort
  • Permanent removal of fat cells
  • Quick recovery period
  • Look great immediately
  • Superior Body-sculpting
  • Affordable

Areas To Treat

Belly, flank, thighs (internal/ external), knees, calves, ankles, back, love handles, buttock, arms, chin, neck ….

Also used for fat transfer to areas wanting volume


TICKLE LIPO is the talk of the Plastic Surgery industry with many medical studies published, proving the multiple advantages of the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture.  Now we can offer it to you at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery – right here, right now!

Please contact us if you would like any more information regarding the procedure, an information pack to be sent out or to book a consultation with me to discuss areas that you would like treated and answer any questions you may have. 

10 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

10 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

 Dr. Mark Doyle


If you are looking into plastic surgery, it is critical to select the right surgeon for you. For most people this will involve some online research, talking to your GP or seeking out recommendations from people you know.

Once you have done your initial research and you are booking your consultation, make sure that you take with you a list of questions you want to raise.

This one-on-one meeting is an essential part of your decision to have plastic surgery. Be sure to take notes so that you remember what the doctor tells you. Here are some suggestions:

1. What are your credentials?


Never be afraid to ask a surgeon about his or her qualifications, where he/she has practiced and for how long. Most surgeons will be happy to share this information with you.

2. How often do you perform this procedure?

Find a plastic surgeon who specialises in the procedure you’re considering.

3. Do you consider me a good candidate for this surgery?

During your consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your suitability for the plastic surgery you are considering.

A good surgeon will consider factors such as:

  • Your medical history and overall health—you need to be in good health to undergo surgery and the recovery process.
  • Your goals and expectations for plastic surgery—a patient with realistic goals has the best chance of satisfaction.
  • Other factors that may affect you after surgery—for example, if you plan to have more children your surgeon will likely advise you to postpone having a breast lift or tummy tuck.

4. Is the procedure I’m considering the best one to achieve the results I want?

Ask your surgeon to recommend a different procedure than the one you have in mind if he or she feels it is better suited to giving you the results you want.

5. May I see before and after pictures of your patients who have had this procedure?

During your consultation, the plastic surgeon should show you before and after photos of his/her work.

This will help you get an idea of the surgeon’s skills, as well as the results you can expect from your surgery.

6. Where do you perform this surgery?

Find out if your surgery is performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

7. What are the risks and possible complications of this surgery?

Always get all the facts so you can make an informed decision about the surgery you are considering.

8. Will my surgery be subject to Medicare Rebates?

Plastic surgery is either categorised as ‘Medical’ or ‘Cosmetic’. Ask your surgeon to discuss with you whether your surgery is likely to be covered by Medicare Rebates.

9. How long will my recovery period be?

It’s important to know how long it should take you to recuperate after your surgery. Your surgeon will let you know how soon after surgery you’ll be able to resume your normal activities. Knowing this, you can arrange your business and personal schedule to allow yourself the time you need to fully recover.

10. What happens if I’m not satisfied with the results?

Your satisfaction should be paramount to your surgeon. In the event you are less than satisfied with any aspect of your surgery, your surgeon should meet with you and recommend the best way to remedy the situation.


For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Doyle call today on: 5598 0988







Posted on 02 Oct, 2014


Relax your Frown Line with our muscle relaxers for only $190

50 units included, conditions apply

This week only 14th – 18th April 2014.


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Posted on 02 Oct, 2014


A natural face lift.  

The perfect treatment to stimulate circulation, firm and lift the skin while leaving you with a healthy glow.  

Great for all skin types.



Feed your skin and boost antioxidant levels with this organic berry rich mask.

This facial will invigorate the senses while stimulating the skin.

Great for Dry, tired or maturing skin.


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Posted on 02 Oct, 2014

Treat Mum to some pampering this year with these amazing treatments for younger, healthier looking skin.

DYSPORT & MICRODERMABRASION – $300Book in for $300 or more of Injectablesand receive a free Microdermabrasionfor you or your Mum.
PLUMPING PEPTIDE MEDI FACIAL $100Let us reveal your beautiful skin with this Luxuriousfacial designed to firm & tighten.Potent serums and rich antioxidants deliver a botox – like action to visibly smooth, lift & nourish your skin. Recommended for Ageing & Mature Skin – 80 minutes
SOOTHE & CALM FACIAL $65Nourish and soothe your skin with this relaxing facial.Rich in vitamins and calming Chamomile. Your skin will feel soft, soothed and renewed.Recommended: rosacea / Sensitive Skin – 45 minutes
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Posted on 19 Jun, 2014


Treat yourself to beautiful Eyes with our “All About Eyes” treatment, offering you 60 units of anti wrinkle injectables to help soften the crows, lift the brow and relax the eye.

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