Mental Preparation For Surgery – Dr Mark Doyles Top Tips

I can’t stress enough how important it is to me that all my patients go into surgery comfortable, knowledgeable and confident that they are in safe hands.

– Dr Mark Doyle

Surgery of any kind can be a frightening thing, especially when you are dealing with a person’s appearance, which is intrinsically linked to their self-esteem and confidence.

A significant part of what we do at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is to ensure that patents know exactly what to expect with their particular surgery. I’ve put together my top tips to prepare for surgery below.

5 Top Tips For Preparing for Surgery

1) Get The Facts

Discover what to expect during and after the cosmetic procedure. Ask questions and don’t be shy! A good surgeon will give you all the facts, we can show you photographs of what to expect immediately after the surgery; a few days later and a few weeks later so you know exactly what to expect.

2) Express any Concerns

Talk to your surgeon about anything that is concerning you even if you feel it is irrational or silly! We would much rather talk your concerns through with you than have you hold back and cause yourself stress and anxiety. Prepare a list of questions before you go into your consultation. You will then be much more at ease mentally as you prepare for your upcoming surgery.

3) Ensure You’re in Safe Hands!

Hire a qualified, well-established surgeon with an excellent reputation. Ask to see examples of their work. It sounds like very basic advice but with the emergence of Plastic Surgery Tourism you can never be too careful. When you feel confident in your physician it alleviates your stress over the surgery.

4) Look After Yourself Before and After Surgery

Make sure that you are in your optimal health before your surgery. By that I don’t mean that you have to be running marathons the day before your surgery! Just ensure that your nutrition and exercise levels are right and that you have generally been taking good care of yourself.

Depending on the type of surgery ensure you have someone to take you home and if necessary take care of you for the few days following. Choose someone close to you who you can talk to openly.

Prepare healthy meals you can freeze for the days following your surgery. Have ice packs, healthy snacks and your favourite movies on hand too!

5) Enjoy the End Results

Enjoy your new look and step out into this new chapter of your life with a renewed and greater confidence!

Planning for plastic surgery on the Gold Coast

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