Male Breast Reduction After Weight Loss, Gold Coast

While enlarged male breasts do not pose any serious health risks, they can change how others see you.

Working towards your goal weight can be a big challenge however the benefits of being a healthy weight make all the exercising and dieting worth it.

While you work on your health and fitness goals your body may go through many changes, fat cells may shrink and your muscles may grow. This does not happen equally in all areas of your body. Many people (men and women) who have experienced dramatic weight loss are left with lose skin and fat deposits in some areas that just refuse to budge. Main problem areas for men are the stomach and chest. These stubborn fat deposits not only detract from your weight loss achievements but may impact your self-image and limit your wardrobe choices.

So why do men have breasts and how can they be removed?

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery offers breast reduction for men and can create a flatter more masculine chest. To book a consultation for gynaecomastia reduction contact Gold Coast Plastic surgery today.

What causes male breasts?

Like women, all men have breast tissue and fat cells in their chest. These have the capacity to swell and become breasts. Male breasts are made mostly of fat and are stored in the chest as a result of a hormonal imbalance or excess weight. Although diet and exercise can help to reduce the appearance of breasts caused by excess weight the fat stored in this part of your body can be stubborn. It can also leave the skin lose and stretched after even huge eight loss transformations.

Through surgery it is possible to reduce the size of male breasts and place the skin naturally against the chest reattaching the nipple and areola to maintain a natural appearance.

How surgery works

  • Gynaecomastia surgery is typically a day surgery. Patients are able to leave the hospital the same day the surgery is conducted and can recover at home.
  • During surgery the breast is exposed by removing the areola allowing your surgeon to remove fat from the area, this can also be done through liposuction depending on the amount of fat to be removed.
  • After the fat has been removed, excess skin is removed and the nipple and areola are replaced in a natural position leaving patients with a flatter chest.

Surgery can only work as a solution to gynaecomastia if the swelling of the breasts is caused by weight gain. If the breasts are being caused by medication, a hormonal imbalance or any other medical problem or illness, the breasts need to be removed through medical intervention, not cosmetic.

How to maintain the results of surgery

It is advisable to only reduce the size of male breasts after you have reached a sustainable goal weight. Continued weight loss may cause you to appear disproportional and leave additional lose skin and weight gain may cause your breasts to swell again.

In order to maintain the results achieved through cosmetic surgery you must maintain your weight. This can be done through a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and adequate exercise.

Male breast reduction on the Gold Coast

If you are uncomfortable with the shape and size of your chest and are looking to change it through cosmetic surgery, contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and book your consultation today.