Gynaecomastia, also known as man boobs is becoming an increasingly popular treatment as patients realise and understand they are not alone.

More and more males are deciding on a male breast reduction to assist with the many issues caused by having excess breast tissue.

What is gynaecomastia?

Excess breast tissue in men is called gynaecomastia and can be caused by a multitude of factors. It is a very sensitive issue that affects the lives of many and can be easily removed by either a breast reduction  or liposuction.

What causes gynaecomastia?

Just a few of the reported concerns such as depression, anxiety, self-confidence (lack of), embarrassment, relationship and sexual problems have all been deciding factors in whether to have a male breast reduction. Whatever the reason is, Dr Mark Doyle is here to make you feel very comfortable with the process.

Increasingly becoming a regular procedure for Dr Doyle, each and every patient has a different reason for why they want this procedure (Male Breast Reduction) performed and there is no wrong reason.

What to expect during a gynaecomastia procedure?


Often performed as a day stay procedure, Dr Mark Doyle will make an excision around the lower half of the nipple and removes the excess breast tissue that is causing the problem.

Liposuction of the area can be used, depending on the client’s needs, to achieve optimal results.


A singlet style compression garment will need to be worn for 6 weeks post-operatively. We recommend 1-2 weeks off work, resuming normal activities after 2-3 weeks and more vigorous exercise after 6 weeks.

Male breast reduction on the Gold Coast

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