How To Successfully Treat Gynaecomastia, Gold Coast

Even if it doesn’t have much of a negative impact on your health, gynaecomastia can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.

Many men go through the usual routine of diet and exercise to try and reduce if not completely remove their gynaecomastia however, sometimes they achieve little to no success because the fat stored in the chest can be stubborn or it is the breast tissue itself that is  enlarged.

Through cosmetic surgery your breasts can be reduced and reformed to create a flat masculine chest. This is done by not only removing excess fat from the chest but by also repositioning the nipple and areola to compliment your flatter chest.

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Rule out medical and hormonal issues

Gynaecomastia can be caused by multiple medical issues including hormonal imbalance and tumours.

Finding the cause of your Gynaecomastia is the first step in correcting the condition. It is important to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps and not masking a medical condition with cosmetic surgery.

During your first consultation your cosmetic surgeon will do a sonar scan of your chest to make sure it is clear what is in your breasts. This will rule out tumours, growths and cancers which can occur in the chest and make your breasts seem enlarged.

Visiting your doctor will help you rule out a hormonal imbalance or correct the imbalance.

Correcting the medical condition may not reverse your breast enlargement however having a clean bill of health opens up the opportunity to have cosmetic surgery.

Consult a cosmetic/ plastic surgeon

Depending on the size of your breasts and the amount of enlarged tissue or fat causing your gynaecomastia, your surgeon will have two main options for your surgery:

  • Mastectomy if your breast enlargement is due mainly to enlarged breast tissue.
  • Liposuction if your breast is made mainly of fat and are at a size where liposuction is safe and effective. This is more likely if gynaecomastia is caused by being overweight.

Male breast reduction surgery

During surgery, the surgeon’s priority is to reduce the size of your breasts while keeping your chest looking natural. The benefit of using liposuction to reduce the size of enlarged make breasts, is the benefit of achieving this through a mildly invasive procedure that leaves only a small incision mark after surgery.

This method however, is best suited in mild cases that involve mostly fat. To remove enlarged breast tissue, mastectomy is more suited. This is because the surgeon has more control over how much fat and tissue is removed. After a mastectomy your surgeon can remove excess skin and replace your nipple and areola in a more natural and appealing position.


As part of your recovery you will need to wear a compression vest.  The compression vest not only helps to reduce swelling but also contributes to a speedy recovery.
For the first few days after the surgery, it is advised that the vest be worn and not taken off at all. After this time, the vest should be worn for most of the day for the remainder of the recovery process.

The compression vest also helps minimise excess skin from forming around the chest.

Maintain a healthy weight

Gynaecomastia can become a recurring problem if you gain weight or have a reoccurring medical or hormonal condition.
While medical problems are generally out of your control, your weight can typically be controlled through diet and exercise. Weight gain can cause enlarged male breasts even after male breast reduction surgery.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Gold Coast

The chest is a gender defining feature for both men and women. Having enlarged breasts can be uncomfortable for men. With no underlying medical condition, it is possible to have enlarged male breasts surgically removed.

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