Will any old surgeon do?

Dr Mark Doyle discusses how patient’s should approach choosing a surgeon, what to consider and questions to ask.

In the years I have practiced I have met many people who have spent more time choosing a pair of shoes than they have on the surgeon who will operate on their face or body. This concerns me greatly as the choice of surgeon is unquestionably the most important decision you will make in this process.

Technological advances combined with a multi-billion dollar market have brought with them a flood of new treatments promising faster results with less pain and recovery time. However, many have not been scientifically proven effective. With so much competition for your cosmetic dollars how do you ensure you make the right choice?

Plastic surgeons and treatment costs

Price should not be a deciding factor in choosing a surgeon, please do be suspicious of special offers. Most plastic surgeons charge a similar amount. Beware of discounts and special offers, you could end up spending a great deal more money fixing up the mistakes of an unqualified surgeon further down the track.

What to expect during a consultation

During your consultation the surgeon should patiently answer all your questions and give you advice on what procedure they recommend for you. They should not pressure you into a decision and most surgeons prefer you to leave and think about everything you have discussed.

Ask to see before and after photos of the surgeons work, but don’t make your decision exclusively on whether a surgeon has good photos as obviously they are only going to show their best results!

Here is a summary of what I believe are critical factors in choosing a plastic surgeon:

Experience matters

Check the number of years in practice, number of cases done and track the surgeon’s results

Artistic talent

Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery requires the skill of a surgeon, but the eye of an artist. So seek recommendations from past patients

Before & After Photos

Ask to see before and after photos of patients of the physician

Meet with the surgeon ahead of time

This is the time to discuss your goals and find out how the surgeon hopes to achieve them. A good doctor will reassure you when you’re making good choices and discourage you if you’re not.

How to choose a surgeon on the Gold Coast

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