Crisalix 3D Imaging, Gold Coast

See your results before the surgery with Crisalix

Unsure about whether to get 300cc or 400cc implants? Although before and after photos can help you make the decision, your body is unique and what looks great on someone else, may not suit your frame. Thanks to the advanced technology from Crisalix, you can now see what your results will look like before the operation.

How does Crisalix 3D imagery work?

The process of using Crisalix’s software to try on your new look can be done during your initial consultation. Dr Doyle will use a special camera to capture the treated area and then upload it into Crisalix’s imaging software which will then create a 3D image of you. From here Dr Doyle will program the software with the specifics of your procedure. The software will then be able to show you the results of your procedure on your very own 3D model of yourself.

Crisalix can simulate

Time to “try on” your new look

If you would like to see the results Crisalix can produce for yourself, we encourage you to book a consultation with Dr Doyle. During this time, he will also be able to answer any questions about the procedure and guide you through your treatment process.