Anti-wrinkle Rejuvenation Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

Our goal, when using cosmetic injectables, is to compliment your features not change them. Treatments used at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery focus on the ‘natural look’ for a more fresher, youthful you.

Anti-ageing injectables

The anti-aging injectables we use block the nerves responsible for muscle activity. It is a non-permanent procedure that decreases lines and wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions. The treatment typically lasts up to 3 months and it is recommended to have treatments every 3 months for best results.

Injectable wrinkle treatments from Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

Both treatments offer different benefits, our nurses can guide you through what is achievable with cosmetic injectables and educate you as to which areas of the face/neck can be treated.

Call for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and our registered nurse will be able to advise you of your best treatment options.

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