Full Body Lift performed on the Gold Coast

Many people have travelled a long distance for Dr Doyle to perform this surgery following significant weight loss. He offers a great solution when you are burdened with excess sheets of skin and stretched muscles, sagging buttocks and excess fat. Excess skin and fat after being stretched has no natural way of re-shaping itself to the body’s new slimmer form. Underlying muscles can be strengthened & fat lost but other than surgery, there is no method of tightening loose overlying skin.

Who is an ideal candidate for full body lift?

A full body lift is not an operation for obesity. Any patient who is more than 50% over their ideal body weight should consider a weight loss program before this procedure is performed.

This procedure allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of successfully reaching their weight loss goals. It is a great achievement and this final piece to the puzzle allows them to wear clothes that were previously unsuitable. The effects are generally long lasting provided you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

What the full body lift can do for you

After significant weight loss, a full body lift can remove the excess sheets of skin, conceal stretch marks, lift sagging buttocks and remove excess fat. Which procedures we will use for your full body lift will be determined by exactly what needs to be done. It also depends on whether you’re having a lower, middle or upper body lift.

For more information on the full body lift procedure, please contact us on 5534 2022.


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Full Body Lift Before and Afters