Breast Lift Gold Coast

Breast lift surgery performed on the Gold Coast by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Pregnancy, nursing, and the effects of age can cause breasts to lose volume, sag, and change shape. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, Dr Doyle uses breast lift surgery (mastopexy) to lift and reshape sagging breasts, making them firmer and improving their shape.

Breast lifts can be considered a medical treatment

The breast lift is an ideal procedure for women with breasts of any size. This procedure is considered medical in some circumstances and can attract Medicare rebates. There are certain criteria that need to be met first though, including significant droop experienced after childbirth. Photographs need to be submitted to Medicare for approval and this will be organised by Gold Coast Plastic Surgery after your consultation with Dr Doyle.

Cosmetic breast lift surgery

The difference between a cosmetic breast lift and one that’s deemed medically necessary depends on your specific circumstances. Clients who want to undergo a breast lift for purely aesthetic reasons are getting a cosmetic breast lift surgery.

A breast lift is often combined with other procedures. For example, many women with large breasts opt to have a breast reduction at the same time. If you have small, sagging breasts that have lost volume over the years, a breast lift with implants will enhance the size and firmness of your breasts by lifting them to a higher position.

The procedure

The breast lift procedure begins with a circular incision made around the areola (the dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple) and a vertical scar down to the breast crease. This is sometimes referred to as a “lollipop” incision. No horizontal scars are used in this procedure by Dr Doyle to minimise scarring.

Excess skin and tissue are trimmed away and the remaining skin is tightened and lifted around the newly contoured breast. The nipples will be repositioned to create the most natural-looking results.

Patients will be moved to a recovery room following surgery and will be able to go home a few hours later.

What’s the downtime for this surgery?

A breast lift is considered a safe, effective procedure. The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours to complete under general anaesthetic and is usually a day surgery. Most women are able to start driving and return to work within 2 to 3 weeks. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks. Dr Doyle will meet with you following your surgery to determine when you might be able to resume all of your usual activities.

Breast lift surgery with implants

This is one of the most common operations performed by Dr Doyle. This is generally required by women who have breastfed their children and as a result, have lost breast volume, which led to sagging. Women who have lost a significant amount of weight are also good candidates for this procedure.

Some surgeons do this as a two-stage procedure. However, Dr Doyle prefers to perform both procedures during one surgery.

During your consultation, you will learn more about your implant options and decide on size and placement.

Breast Lift Before and After

Are there any risks associated with breast lift surgery?

There are very few risks associated with breast lift surgery. Over the years, surgical techniques have advanced to a point where they are quite safe, provided they are performed by a qualified surgeon in an approved hospital.

When it comes to surgery, you should be aware of all the potential risks and complications associated with going under the knife. With the appropriate planning and preparation, these risks can be minimised.

During your consultation with Dr Doyle, he will go through the procedure with you and determine if you are an ideal candidate for a breast lift. Additionally, the potential risks and complications will be explained to you, as well as how you can minimise them.

What to expect post-breast lift

There will be some slight post-operative pain and discomfort, which can be managed using oral medications. Most patients are able to go home on the same day as their surgery. The sutures that are used are dissolvable, so they won’t need to be removed at a later stage.

Some of the discomfort you may feel include:

  • Patchy areas of numbness
  • Shooting pains, burning or tingling
  • Some asymmetry

All of these are normal signs of healing. Asymmetry occurs because each breast can swell to a different degree.

It may be necessary to wear a compression garment for several weeks after surgery, particularly if you’ve inserted implants. It also helps to sleep in an elevated position to alleviate any swelling. You will receive specific instructions on how to care for your breasts and incision sites to ensure the best outcome.

How much does a breast lift cost in the Gold Coast?

The final cost of a breast lift is dependent on several factors, including whether or not you want to insert implants. Surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital fees will also be added to the final cost. As previously mentioned, it is possible for this surgery to attract a Medicare rebate but Dr Doyle can advise you on this during your consultation. The best way to determine what your specific surgery will cost you is to schedule a consultation at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery.

How much scarring should I expect after surgery?

The incisions that are made during your surgery are thin but you will be left with red, raised lines after your procedure. As the wounds heal, the scars will fade to a light pink and then to white and hopefully, flatten out. This process can take several months. Breast lifts that involve incisions around the areola are the easiest to conceal under swimwear and underwear. To avoid making your scars worse, it’s important to adhere to Dr Doyle’s specific aftercare instructions. This will include avoiding heavy lifting, tanning and exfoliating or scrubbing the skin too soon after surgery. There are also specific scar management techniques such as massage and products such as silicone sheets that can help keep scarring to a minimum.

How will I need to prep for a breast lift procedure?

A consultation and physical examination will be required prior to your procedure. This could also include a few lab tests. Dr Doyle will evaluate your medical history and any medication or supplements you’re currently taking to rule out any potential complications. It’s advisable that you stop smoking several weeks before your procedure and maintain a healthy lifestyle – this will aid your recovery. Any medications that could cause excess bleeding and bruising may need to be avoided for a week prior to surgery. It’s also best to arrange for someone to drive you home from hospital due to the effects of the anaesthetic. If you want to make your recovery easier, have your prescribed medication and anything else you need ready at home. Many patients also find that setting up a recovery area prior to surgery ensures things run smoothly once they get home.

What can I expect in terms of results?

You will see a noticeable difference directly after surgery. However, you will need to wait for all swelling to subside and your breasts to settle before you can enjoy the final results. Any scarring will also be prominent for a few months until they start to fade. It’s not uncommon to experience a reduction in bra size after your procedure. This is only because your breasts are now firmer and rounder. Unfortunately, your breast lift results won’t be permanent. Over time, your skin will become less elastic, which can result in sagging. If your breasts become larger over time, it can also cause the skin to stretch.

To learn more about breast lift, or to book a consultation, please contact our practice today.