Breast Reconstruction Surgery Gold Coast

What is reconstructive breast surgery?

Breast reconstructive surgery can return a sense of femininity to women who have battled breast cancer, breast or genetic defects. This procedure is considered as is complex. During breast reconstructive surgery the surgeon will rebuild your breast shape using an artificial implant, a flap of tissue from another part of your body, or a combination of both. While some women are happy to live with their post mastectomy shape, plastic surgery offers others the option to restore their feminine silhouette.

What is the difference between breast reconstruction and breast revision surgery?

Breast Revision surgery

Breast revision (also termed breast corrective surgery) involves the correction of breast implant surgery to address complications or allow patients to get closer to the result they originally desired. Breast revision surgery has the ability to correct the physical issues which arise when the patient is not completely satisfied with their initial breast augmentation surgery.

If patients need correction of their original breast enhancement or replacement of their implant, a breast revision is the preferred procedure. Dr Doyle is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with decades of experience helping clients reclaim and rejuvenate their appearance. To learn more about breast correction surgery, click here.

Breast reconstruction surgery

On the other hand, reconstruction surgery is designed to recreate the shape of the breast following a mastectomy or accident, or to treat a genetic breast defect.

It is important to differentiate between reconstruction and revision type of surgery. Here at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery we find many patients become confused between the two types of surgeries. Dr Mark Doyle does not perform breast reconstruction surgery; however he sees many patients who are instead ideal candidates for a breast revision.

Is breast reconstruction covered by Medicare?

Reconstruction procedure is considered medical and subject to Medicare and health insurance rebates. You should always check with Medicare and your private health provider to see what paperwork you will need to fill out, as well as how much of the procedure is covered. Please check with your health insurance provider to ensure they do offer a rebate for this surgery.

Breast Reconstructive Gold Coast

Dr Doyle and the team at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery will take the time to understand your concerns and determine if a breast correction surgery is the right step for you. Alternatively, if you do require breast reconstructive surgery, Dr Doyle can refer you to another surgeon.

For more information about the difference between reconstruction and breast revision surgery, contact us today.

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