Breast Revision, Gold Coast

Breast revision surgery can improve the results of a previous breast implant surgery by correcting aesthetics, or treating complications.

Have you suffered from a “botched” boob job? We have all heard the horror stories or seen television segments about breast implant surgery gone wrong. An alarmingly increasing number of women are choosing to go overseas for surgery or opt for cheap breast implants. Equally there are a number of women who are not completely happy with the result of their initial breast surgery.

What is breast correction surgery?

Breast revision surgery has the ability to repair the physical and psychological issues that arise when patients are not completely satisfied with their initial breast surgery. In addition to this, a breast revision also encompasses breast implant replacement or removal. This varies slightly from breast reconstruction revision surgery which is more-so aimed at reconstruction of a breast lost to cancer or other conditions.

Am I a candidate for breast implant revision?

You are a candidate for a breast implant revision if you were dissatisfied with the shape, size or position of your implants. It can be very disheartening to have undergone breast surgery only to find you aren’t happy with the end results. Perhaps the perky, youthful, fuller shape you desired has started to wane.  Dr Doyle and the team at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery will take the time to understand your concerns and determine if breast correction surgery is the right step for you.

Do I need breast correction surgery?

There are a number reasons women undergo breast correction surgery, such as:

  • Unhappy with size
  • Not satisfied with shape
  • Deflation of implant
  • Breasts have sagged
  • Asymmetric breasts
  • Implant rupture or replacement
  • Capsular contracting or hardening
  • No longer wanting implants

Breast implant removal and replacement

How often do you have to replace breast implants?

There is a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding how long breast implants last. Although the implant manufacturers clearly state implants will not last a lifetime, Dr Doyle’s experience and research shows that some patients have seen great results beyond 10 years. Implants naturally deflate over time, however it is unnecessary to get replacements every 7-10 years unless there is a specific issue with the implants. In saying that some factors such as implant rupture, hardening and serious health complications can warrant the need for breast implant replacement.

Breast implant removal

It is often medically not recommended to permanently remove your breast implants. After breast enhancement surgery, your breast tissue changes naturally to contour to the shape of the breast implants.

Although for some women, complications from surgery, medical conditions and other personal reasons may warrant removal. Together, Dr Doyle will tailor a treatment plan to suit your unique needs and desired outcome.

Breast Implants

To learn more about breast augmentation after implant removal click here to visit our breast augmentation page

Considerations for breast revision surgery

There are many factors and variables to consider before undergoing a breast revision.

Have you truly considered all of the risks?

The decision to undergo surgery is not one to be made lightly, and often comes after serious emotional consideration. As with all surgery, a breast revision involves risk. For this reason, it’s important to consider the accountability of your surgeon, their qualifications, and the standards of the clinic and/or hospital.

The discussion of potential risks and complications is one of the most important aspects of patient consultation. During your initial consultation, Dr Mark Doyle will discuss all of the risks so you can make a well-informed decision moving forward. He’ll take his time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and discuss the protocols we have in place to minimise any risk.

It’s important you do thorough research outside of your consultation and we encourage you to seek a second opinion from another medical professional if you wish.

Do you have reasonable expectations?

While our surgery is performed with the utmost care to produce your desired results, it is important to be in the right frame of mind and have a realistic expectation of the projected outcomes.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Gold Coast

Dr Mark Doyle is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with decades of experience helping patients achieve the look they have always desired. He understands the physical and psychological impact poorly performed surgery can have on someone. As such, he will compassionately work with you to ensure you feel well-informed and comfortable during all stages of a breast revision.

A detailed and personalised consultation with Dr Mark Doyle will be the first step; here your medical history will be discussed, your condition assessed, and detailed treatment plan will be tailored to meet your goals and needs.

For more information about breast revision surgery performed on the Gold Coast or to request a consultation, please contact us.


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