Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia) Surgery Gold Coast

Excess breast tissue in men is called gynaecomastia and can be caused by a multitude of factors, some of these include:

  • genetics
  • disease
  • certain medications
  • obesity
  • hormonal changes

Men can develop gynaecomastia at any stage of life; however, it’s most common during adolescence and middle age. It is a very sensitive issue that affects the lives of many and can be easily removed by either excision or liposuction. In some cases clients have required both excision and liposuction. When you visit Dr Doyle at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery he will explain your options and make sure you understand the procedure clearly.

Preparing for breast reduction surgery

You will need an ultrasound and mammogram to make sure the problem is cosmetic. A mammogram should be able to detect any presence of breast tumour or disease. Depending on your situation, this procedure can be performed under either local or general anaesthetic.

Breast reduction surgery for males

Often performed as a day stay procedure, Dr Doyle will make an excision around the lower half of the nipple and removes the excess breast tissue that is causing the problem. Liposuction of the area can be used, depending on the client’s needs, to achieve optimal results.

Male breast reduction recovery time

A singlet style compression garment will need to be worn for 6 weeks post-operatively. We recommend 1-2 weeks off work, resuming normal activities after 2-3 weeks and more vigorous exercise after 6 weeks.

Who’s a suitable candidate for gynaecomastia surgery?

As long as the cause of the excessive tissue isn’t medical—such as tumour, medication, some diseases—then you should be suitable for gynaecomastia. If the underlying cause is treatable, than that should be addressed prior to surgery.

Is male breast reduction permanent?

Male breast reduction removes the current fat in your chest. If you gain weight it is possible for the problem to reoccur. Some medications have also been known to induce abnormal growth of breast tissue.

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Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia) Before and Afters