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Breast Augmentation Package Price – Fees and Costs of a Boob Job

Breast augmentation surgery is amongst the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed around the world. If you are considering breast enlargement, you may be wondering how much it costs.

However, if you have attempted to determine the cost of breast augmentation in Australia, you may have realised that an exact figure is hard to find. The fact is that the exact cost of breast augmentation surgery varies amongst patients, making it very difficult for a surgeon to advertise an accurate price.

Essentially, there are four cost components to breast augmentation pricing: implant costs, surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist’s fees and hospital fees.

Surgeon’s Fees

Surgical fees are fixed and typically include the cost of the entire breast augmentation surgery, pre-operative care and after care. These fees will differ from surgeon to surgeon, depending on the surgeon’s professional qualifications, experience, professional recognition, popularity and even the location of their practice.

Dr Doyle will provide you with a detailed breakdown of these fees at your initial consultation.

Anaesthetist’s Fees

Breast augmentation surgery with Dr Doyle will be performed under a general anaesthetic. Anaesthetists, like most other medical specialists, do not have a standard scale of fees. Thus, the anaesthetist fee will depend on the qualifications of the anaesthetist who attends to you. Again, expect to be given an estimation of fees prior to your procedure.

Hospital Fees

Hospital fees will vary significantly from facility to facility. All major surgery by Dr Doyle is performed at John Flynn Hospital in Tugun.

Keep in mind that surgeons and anaesthetics are regarded as “independent contractors” who utilise the facilities of private hospitals. As such, Dr Doyle is unable to negotiate, discuss or agree on the arrangements that the hospital makes with patients regarding fees.

As breast augmentation surgery is typically performed as a day procedure, the cost given as hospital fees will not include an overnight stay – only two or so hours in the operating theatre and the time required to recover from anaesthesia. If an overnight stay is required, expect the fee to increase.

Breast Implant Costs

There are a wide variety of breast implants available and Dr Doyle will discuss these with you depending on the result you are looking to achieve.

While you can choose between both saline and silicone implants, most Australian surgeons recommend silicone breast implants. While these are more expensive, silicone implants are far less likely to ripple or wrinkle and, unlike saline implants, will not leak or deflate.

The price of your implants will also vary depending on the brand, texture, size and shape you decide on. Teardrop-shaped implants are typically more expensive than round implants and naturally, the larger the implant size, the higher the cost will be. Again, Dr Doyle will help you determine the texture, size and shape that will best suit your goals.

Is breast augmentation covered by medicare or private health insurance?

Breast augmentation is typically considered to be a purely cosmetic procedure and is thus not covered by Medicare. Despite this, Medicare may cover some of the costs if there is a medical reason for the surgery, for example, breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or congenital abnormality such as tuberous breasts.

Whether your private insurance fund covers breast augmentation will depend on the type of policy you have. Depending on your policy, some hospital fees and other costs may be reimbursed. Anything that is not covered will be an out-of-pocket expense. Ensure that you clarify exactly what is and isn’t covered with your insurance fund before you book a breast augmentation procedure.

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